Hi all! Today we are going to discuss six of the very interesting and quick facts about our planet Earth.IEarth

Image Credit: Space facts

Here we go:

Fact 1: Earth is the third planet from the Sun and it is the largest among all the terrestrial planets.

Fact 2: Earth was once believed to be the center of the Solar System. Ancient scientist and other scholars believed that earth was a static flat body and other celestial bodies rotate around it.

Fact 3: Moon is the only natural satellite of planet Earth.

Fact 4: Earth is the single and only planet which is not named after Roman Gods and Goddesses. All the other planets like Mars, Venus, Saturn etc. are named after Roman Gods.

Fact 5: Earth is the densest planet on earth. The average density of the Earth is around 5.52 grams per cubic centimeters.

Fact 6: Earth is the only planet that is known to support life and was formed approximately around 4.54 billion years ago.


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