Creative people love being creative. Part of being creative is often the ability to touch base with current trends in many fields including fashion and technology. A worldwide business savvy entrepreneur who understands the  process of fashion and how to marry it to technology is Doe Deere. She knows that it important to understand what is currently in fashion as well as what may be fashionable in the near future. As she’s watched the contemporary fashion world evolve, she learned that it is all about self expression. Just as she encourages people to express themselves via the use of her famous makeup products, she’s also able to take her inspiration from her fans and from others who are also part of the world of modern fashion.

Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere


Inspiration From Grunge

One of the best places that Doe Deere has found for inspiration for Lime Crime products are trends that have been popular in the past. Past trends such as grunge often get recycled for a new generation of fans. Deere loves to experiment with all kinds of looks. She looks to the past for ideas but also looks at trends on social media sites such as Instagram. This is part of the work that went into creating the Venus palettes. Described as the ultimate in a grunge shadow form of palette, the Venus comes in three forms: the original Venus, the Venus 2 and the Venus XL. The varied shades allow the wearer to experiment with their own version of this palette and discover what works best for them.

Owning Your Difference

In addition to looking to social media to find inspiration, Doe Deere and her team at also for ways to bring a unique look to everything they do. They want all of their customers to feel part of a vision that reminds them they are special. She wants her clients to remember that they don’t have to conform to anyone to be themselves. Instead, they can experiment with her help and discover what really makes them happy as a person. She wants everyone to feel that being different is a way of feeling totally awesome.

Bold Color

While her personal vision of color has taken off and pushed trends in makeup forward, Deere knows that others may not be quite ready to share it. This is why suggests that they do so gradually. She reminds her fans that they can experiment with fashion forward looks at home. Wearing fun colors at home can help people fell comfortable with wearing such colors outside the home. She loves feeling that she’s helping people feel bolder. She wants them to feel they aren’t a wallflower but someone who has power and is not afraid to use it. This is why she does what she does for her clients. She wants them to be happy to work with current trends and yet also feel a sense of individuality at the same time. She loves seeing fans comfortable in their own skin.