Hello friends!! here are few tips and do & don’ts for government jobs, written examinations and interviews.


1) You will be questioned mostly on the events occurred during the last six months, places, budget, sports, awards, persons, Indian Economy etc.

2) You should rely on proper guidance for exams.

3) Selection of proper and authentic study material.

4) Self-study notes by the candidates.

5) Effective Study Technique.

6) Time Management.

7) Group Discussion.

8) Regular practice of Mock Test Papers.

9) Understanding the nature of exam opted for.

10) Structuring a full proof preparation plan and stick to it at all hazards.

11) Regular and timely Revision.


1) Must develop your own study notes.

2) Before starting your studies prepare a well formulated strategy.

3) Always take guidance from the standard books.

4) Prepare according to the nature of examination and types of questions asked.

5) Determine the sufficient and proper time required to prepare for each separate section.

6) You must revise the topics already prepared on the regular mock test.

7) Mind the proper environment for your preparation.

8) apply the positive approach to preparation.


1) Don’t change your preparation strategy time and again.

2) Don’t undermine your health.

3) Don’t try to gather many number of books and study materials.

4) Don’t get attracted and fascinated to any coaching institute by just its catchy and attractive advertisement.

5) Don’t prepare on the basis of your interest.